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Amber asked me to post my cholesterol/trigliceride friendly recipes so I am.

first, get your ingredients together:

A nice piece of fresh salmon (fish is fresh when it smells clean, like a cool breeze at the beach.  If it smells like fish it's not fresh.), asparagus, lemon, chives, white pepper, black pepper, olive oil, and sea salt.

Slice the skin off the salmon with a sharp, thin knife.  Use a fork to get started then once you have gotten in about two inches hold the skin between your pinky and ring finger and the flesh between the thumb and forefinger.  This will allow you to put enough tension on the fish to cut very close to the skin.  Once you get the skin off flip over the fish.  If you see a dark streak down the middle you have a decision to make.  This is where the fish burps live. It's also where the most Omega 3's reside.  I cut it out because it's just too fishy.

Next, sprinkle the fish with white pepper, black pepper, lemon zest, salt and olive oil.  Gently rub this in so the whole piece is evenly coated.  Sprinkle both sides with chopped chives.

Let that sit while you snap your asparagus where it needs to be snapped.

Next, blanch the asparagus.  I do this by bringing water to a boil and dropping the asparagus in.  When the water comes back to a boil it's done.  Drain and shock the asparagus in ice water. You can just run it under cold water from the faucet but ice water is better.

Then thread the asparagus on two skewers.  I mean all of it on the same two skewers.  This not only enables you to flip it all at once but keeps you from losing any through the grate in the grill.

Now light your coals, preheat your gas grill or get your broiler going.]

Make sure you oil your grate/broiler pan.  Fish is delicate and if you don't do this you will get fish hash.  I use an old, clean dish towel coated in olive oil.

Since fish cooks quickly and you have blanched the asparagus the two take about the same time to cook making this as great dish for the novice griller. Place the fish and asparagus on the grill.  When the fish is cooked halfway through (you can see it) flip everything.

When the fish is opaque all the way through, take everything off the grill.  Remove the skewers from the asparagus and plate with the fish.  Garnish with lemon and fresh chives.

Bon Appetite!

Doctor Doctor, Gimme the News...

I haven't looked at LJ in months. Is anyone still out there? I really need to catch up then post some real updates but until then I need some help:

Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Laurel area? We're looking for a male GP. He doesn't need to be in Laurel but he needs to be close.

Thanks in advance!


Does anyone have any experience with Lexapro? My doctor is reccomending it for some of my peri-menopausal issues and while the withdrawal symptoms seem to be rough, it otherwise seems fairly innocuous. Anyone have anything they'd like to share about the good, the bad and the ugly? You can always email me if you don't want to talk about it here on lj.

Shore Leave Room Space

Well, I am about to send in my prereg for Shore Leave. Guess I had better find a place to stay. Anyone got space? I have a tauntaun to sleep on if need be and I can stay both nights or just Saturday as needed. I will probably bring a small cooler because I'm trying to save some money by not eating every meal in the bar.

Good Day Sunshine

Better this morning. Sadly, that was my last dose of tryptophan. The Taciturn Ranger gave me some money so I can get a bottle this afternoon probably as much for his own sanity as for mine. Then it's off to get something for my "at home me time" tonight and anything I need for tomorrow's home improvement projects.

Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing for the Wii is kicking my butt. I had to go buy an elbow brace for my bad (or rather my worse) elbow so I could keep up with the "light" mode. The little guy on the screen keeps saying "you handled that with no problem, don't you want to try a little harder workout?" to which I reply "Ha!" Just because I can throw a punch does not mean I can keep up with your pace you little psycho. I am quite happy that it is actually making me sore which means I'm actually working some muscles. I substituted a ridge hand strike for a hook punch because it feels more natural to me and puts less stress on my elbows and the game takes the hooking motion to be the same.

Another thing this boxing game is doing for me is helping me see that, yeah, getting back into martial arts is not going to happen. On the one hand, that's horribly depressing. On the other it frees me up to go take one of the Tai Chi classes near where I work that focus more on meditation and exercise than kicking ass. That is, once I get the money and time for such a thing. Ha!

Lastly this game is really good for my mood. Sadly, I can't bust it out and start punching things whenever I'm blue. The TV might be occupied, it might be 4am, and my coworkers are already a little worried about me. "Is that a KNIFE?!?" "Yeah." "Why do you have a knife?!?" "To cut stuff up." Keep in mind, this is a small paring knife we are talking about that I use to cut up fruit and veggies at work.

Run Aground

Good Lord I'm wrecked. Not in an alcohol consumption kind of way, sadly, but in a crazed hormonal OMG I've accomplished nothing I set out to do in 2011 and everyone is better at everything I do than I am and I can't control my spending and I'm old and decrepit and can't do martial arts and WAH. I realize that most of this is due to annoying background stress that I can't do anything about, a quadrupling of my medical costs thanks to the insurance companies charging more and covering less supposedly to cover costs of the so called health care reform, and the lovely thing that is peri-menopause which I can't get any help for due to other medical issues unless I get more xanax or actually become an alcoholic. I'm telling you, having my husband wall me up and pass tequila and food to me through a slot until this menopause thing is over seems more and more attractive.

Rather than to continue to go on about how I suck and am a waste of carbon yadda yadda yadda, I am going to take some tryptophan, go to bed and get back to you tomorrow when I will hopefully be saner. At that time I will give a more even account of what's going on with me and may even tell the tale of Louisiana.

Laptop Recs

It looks like at least for now the Macbook Pro is but a dream. I need something much cheaper to get me by until I either have a windfall or start making some extra money. So, anyone got recs for a solid but cheap laptop? I could go with a netbook or a tablet as long as they will read pdf's and connect to the tv. I do not want to spend more than $600 and if I can get something for considerably less I would be pleased. I will be using it mostly to store notes and images for my roleplaying games, store recipes and to connect to the internet. Bonus if I can play Diablo 3 on it whenever that comes out.

Thanks in advance!

Still Invading Tonight!

There are rumors that Privateer Day has been cancelled despite the website saying it will go on rain or shine. This may have something to do with a flood watch. The Pyrate Crawl however is still on. I'm wondering if it's just that certain aspects of Privateer Day have been cancelled or moved inside. *shrug* It does not really change my plans any for my sole reason for arriving prior to 6pm was to do some shopping which neither rain nor lack of "family friendly" pirate related fun will put a damper on.

I possess an umbrella and pirate long johns and a mighty thirst.

For details on my plans see this post. Yes, it is miserable out but unlike Renfest the goal here is not to stand out in the elements but move from one warm pub to another and partake of their offerings.

Wang Chi: A brave man likes the feel of nature on his face, Jack.
Egg Shen: Yeah, and a wise man has enough sense to get in out of the rain!

Pyrate Invasion Saturday

Howdy all,

For those of you that are interested, here is how we are handling the Pyrate Invasion:


2pm: People Caravanning/Carpooling show up at our place. Right now it's me, The Ranger and Rodger in my car with pictsy possibly taking up the fourth seat or possibly caravanning with us.
2:30: Depart from our place.
3:15-3:30pm: Arrive in Fells Point. Proceed to music store known as Sound Garden. http://www.cdjoint.com/index.cfm After shopping there, pick up Pyrate Invasion buttons. I don't know if you can pick them up prior to 6pm without pre-ordering. I have not pre-ordered my buttons yet but I will make that call when I get paid on Friday.
4:30 pm: Early dinner at Stuggy's (gourmet hot dog joint) http://www.stuggys.com/ Folks that did not come with us can meet us
6pm: If there is a start off point for the crawl, meet whatever folks wish to meet up there. Start with the drinking and pub crawling. No estimated time for leaving Fells Point.

Let me know if you are planning to meet up with us at any point so we can look for you. Also let me know if you want to caravan or try to carpool or something.

It's Spring and Time for a Bunch of Stuff

So, it's spring and time for a bunch of stuff I like to do.

April 9th is the Sakura Matsuri in downtown DC. It's $5/adult this year which part of me says "No, keep it free to the public!" and part of me says "Hopefully that will cut down on crowds". Evidently that's exactly why they are doing it. They've gotten many complaints over the past few years that the festival is so crowded that no one can really enjoy anything. I blame the awesome weather of the last three years. I think this year will not be as warm and sunny. Still, barring an extreme downpour I'm going. Who's in?

April 16th is Privateer Day at Fells Point followed by The Pyrate Invasion pub crawl. We used to love this event but it got white washed and homogenized by the Fells Point committee when they decided to take it over and tack on a family friendly day event. We haven't been in the past couple of years but decided to give it another go. There's a Swashbuckler Soiree on Friday but due to prior commitments I won't be making that. rodgegraham and pictsy are on board. (There could be more, I have to check my email at work) Anyone else?

I am going to New Orleans with my mother so my finances are going to take a hit (don't people know I'm saving up for a computer and I need a real flash for my camera and....) but I am still thinking about going to Shore Leave. Who's going and who's interested in sharing a room? I will probably be forced to do the drive up on Saturday morning leave Saturday night after the masquerade but on the off chance I can swing it...

All right, that's it for now. There's more but that's the most pressing.